New Years Eve

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for another type of celebration: ringing in the New Year in style.  While the focus of New Year’s Eve is about celebration, we have to remember the bigger picture; what we out of next year.

Celebrating the New Year Should be About More Than About SEquin Dresses

Reflect on New Year's Eve

As you embark upon a New Year and go into New Year’s Eve celebrations, take a moment to reflect on the current year.  Below are some tips to start off your New Year on the right foot and not repeat the mistakes of the current year and past.

Take the time to write down what your biggest struggles and wins were from the year

  1. Put your thoughts on a notebook:  Make two columns on a sheet of paper.  First, write down all of your challenges in one column and then make another column called “takeaways” and in this column write down your perspective of what you learned or what you could have done better to handle the situation. Doing this exercise will give you a clear understanding of what transpired, how you handled it and how you could have handled the situation better or what important lesson you learned.

Take accountability for your situation and then take action to change your situation

2.  Take accountability:  this means to stop the blame game and stop blaming others for your situation.  Remember, you are responsible for your life and ONLY you have the power to change your life.  Sure, you can ask for help and guidance from others, but ultimately, you will have to do the work to improve your situation.   Life will always send you distractions.  What you need to know is that the more distractions you have, the closer you are to making your dreams come true.   You will be tested.  You will want to give up.  You will be frustrated.   Know that this is all normal, this is all part of the process….especially when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is like a rollercoaster…it’s up…it’s down…it’s exciting…and unpredictable


3.  Make an action plan: sometimes we don’t realize but all the answers we need are right in front of.  We just have to listen to that little voice called “intuition.”  Your intuition will lead you to clarity and help guide you when you are lost. If for some reason, your intuition is not guiding you, take some time away from work to take a walk in nature or go to a beach and that may help you clear your head and get some much-needed inspiration.

INstead of planning in terms of 365 days, plan in intervals of 90 days

4.  Make your goals achievable by planning them in chunks of 90 days (or quarters).  This will make your goals easier to achieve and allows you to commit to particular projects to finish.  Remember, starting multiple projects and finishing none will not get you far.  Therefore, instead focus on attainable goals that you can actually commit to.  The other advantage of doing things this way is that when you do achieve a big goal, it will motivate you to continue working hard.   Two of the primary reasons people don’t get anything accomplished is that they don’t have a plan and they get overwhelmed.

Move in the direction of your goals one by one and you will soon find yourself very accomplished

New Years Eve

Dress: Badgley Mischka

Boots: Charles David


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