How to get more traffic to your fashion blog

What good is a fashion blog if you can’t get enough traffic to it!  The ultimate goal of a fashion blogger is to get discovered by brands who want to hire an influencer or brand ambassador.

What Do Fashion Brands Look for When Picking Brand Ambassadors?

One of the main things that brands look for is high traffic to your blog and/or a high following on social media.  Their thought process is that if enough people follow you (know, like, and trust you), they are more likely to be influenced by you.  So, if you have taken the time to build an online presence that appeals to an audience; then you are one step closer to working with major brands.

What Resources or Tools Can I Use to Get More Traffic to my Fashion Blog?

  1.  SEO Yoast:  this is one of my favorite WordPress plugins.   This is a free plug-in (that also has a premium paid version) that you can download from the WordPress plug-in depository and it helps you pick a focus keyword and add a unique meta title/description.  It tells you if you have the “green light” or not and it also tells you what improvements need to be made to optimize your blog post further for higher rankings.
  2. Share Your Blog Everywhere: use a social media management tool such as Buffer to share your blog posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  You can also share them in your Instagram stories by linking to the blog post. it is also important to know that you can recycle blog posts on social media and share them on an ongoing basis instead of just one time.  Because people consume information differently, it gives you more reach if you share your blog posts on various social media channels and at different dates/times throughout the year.
  3. Repurpose your content:  you can take your blog post and turn it into a Facebook Live-Stream or YouTube video, then you can add the link to the blog post in the comments section.   You can also take a longer blog post and break it into pieces to do a 3 or 4 part video series with a tip of the day type of structure.



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