If you live in Chicago, you are in luck because Starbucks just opened up a 35,000 square feet Starbucks Roastery Reserve on November 15th, 2019!

It is located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Erie Street in the former Crate & Barrel building. There are a total of 5 floors.

Chicago is indeed lucky to be one of the few privileged cities from all over the world to be called home to one of the 6 Starbucks Reserve locations in the entire world.

The other 5 locations are in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, New York, and Tokyo. What is really cool about each location is that each one has such distinct architecture and charm.

Photo Credits: Photos Used in This Blog Post Were Taken by the Blog Author at the Chicago Starbucks Roastery Reserve.

Now if you are not a Chicago resident, you have one more great reason to visit Chicago! Chicago is full of gorgeous sights and architecture, amazing food, marvelous museums and now home to one of the 6 Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

If you are a “foodie” you will love their pastries! They also have croissant sandwiches. For all of you mixology lovers, they have a bar on the 4th floor called Arriviamo Cocktail Bar.

Tip: Currently, You Can Only Sit at The Bar With a Reservation, So Make Sure to Put Your Name Down With the Hostess To Get a Seat at The Bar.

Pistachio Buttered Rum Cocktail: A Perfect Drink for a Holiday Toast…It Was So Yummy and Had a Distinct Pistachio Flavor.

They have cocktails that are under the “Chicago Exclusives” category which currently consists of (I am sure the menus are subject to change at any given time so please check their website for the latest information):

  1. Union Station: A spicy and smoky original cocktail.
  2. Lake Shore: This cocktail was inspired by icy Paletas and is a great option if you are a El Tesaro Anejo Tequila lover.
  3. Roastery Boilermaker: This cocktail comes with a sidecar of Rhine Hall Bierschnaps
  4. Pour Over Bijou: This gin-based cocktail is bright, earthy and herbaceous
  5. All Day Spritz: This cocktail is perfect if you want a spirit-free cocktail that has a floral, tropical, citrus taste.
Starbucks Reserver Roastery Chicago Images
How amazing is this view from the 5th floor! The view from the 5th floor truly shows the unique design and display of the beautiful liquor bottles.
Such a gorgeous design and architecture of the elevators and unique interior design with lots of glass and stone was designed by an in-house team with additional assistance from Perkins & Will. The architecture alone makes this Chicago Starbucks Roastery Reserve location a must-see for out of town visitors as well as Chicago locals.

Leave a comment below on what your favorite part about the Chicago Reserve Roastery was after you visit it or if you have been to any of the other locations, how does this one compare to those?


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