What to Do When Life is Not All Sungflowers

Life is like a roller coaster it’s always up and down. So, if you’re going through your darkest moments remember that every setback or failure brings you one step closer to your goals and dreams.

“Here Are Some Tips to Follow When Life Gets Tough and You Can’t Seem to Smell the Sunflowers”

1. Sometimes not getting what you want can be a blessing in disguise: we don’t always know what’s right for us and sometimes we just have to leave things up to God to figure out what’s right for us and what the right timing is for certain things. This also opens up insights and opportunities to examine life and to figure out what else you can look into.

2.  Improve your attitude and your situation will change: it’s important to remember how powerful your thoughts are and even during the worst times you must remember to stay positive and check your attitude at the door. If you find that you have a negative attitude you’re going to have to check yourself and remind yourself to be more positive and look on the bright side of things because if you don’t it’s only going to take you downhill from there.

3.  Remember that you’re a fighter: chances are you’ve been through tough times before so just think back to when you had a tough situation and how you handled it previously. Most likely you fought for yourself, you fought for what’s right and you got through the tough times because you’re a fighter.  You’re in it to win and you’re not going to give up until you get what you want.

Remind yourself that you have to fight through the tough times in order to get to the good times.

What to Do When Life Is Not All Sunflowers

4.  Use difficult times as a learning lesson: if you can come out from tough times having learned something valuable; then you’re already one step ahead. You can use your insights and share them with the world to help others who are in need. Life lessons and insights are one of the most powerful things they can come out of something bad.

“Every adversity, every failure, every hard it carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

5.  You may need your alone time but don’t stay in your darkness alone infinitely: it is OK to ask for help. It is OK to reach out to friends family and colleagues anyone who can lend an open ear when you need it. Sometimes you don’t even want advice or you’re not even looking for advice but what you’re looking for is someone who can hear you out so that you feel that someone generally cares about you.

6.  The biggest achievements don’t happen overnight: most business owners and entrepreneurs have tried over and over again and they failed and they tried and they failed and they tried…. but what they haven’t done is given up they been persistent because their dreams are worth fighting for.

“Patience is a virtue”


7.  Focus only on what you can control: many times situations are beyond Our control. If you can’t change the situation then don’t waste your time worrying about something that you can’t change. Instead, focus on what you can control focus on things that you do have power over to change.

8.  God’s plan and is not your plan: sometimes they go through tough times so that I can make a stronger wiser and essentially better people overall. God might take us through certain situations and processes in life that may be uncomfortable, that may be painful, however, God has much bigger plans in store for us and he might be trying to teach us something that could be a big breakthrough that we were waiting for our entire lives. Intern, that breakthrough may help us change the lives of many people all over the entire world.

“Now, how powerful is that?”

9.  Relight your motivation with a spark: if you’re not feeling motivated lately think back to why you do what you do and why you started. Put yourself out of the equation and think of the bigger purpose think of why you started your business or think of why you started this idea? What’s the bigger meaning behind everything? How can what you want to do and accomplish change the world? How can it leave a legacy behind for your children? Ask yourself questions similar to these to reignite your passion and motivation.

10.  Be thankful for what you have: be thankful for what you do have in your life.  Whether it’s your family, spouse, best friends, or your furry loved one, remind yourself of all that is GOOD in your life.  Remember, there will always be someone who is worse off than you.  Be grateful for what you have.

“Showing Gratitude Attracts More Good Things in Your Life.  Show Gratitude for at Least One Thing Every Day!”

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